The Benefits of Having a Chest Freezer for Your Business

There are lots of reasons to consider buying a chest freezer, particularly if you run a restaurant or cafe. You might quickly find an improved level of efficiency of operation for the whole business, and when you work for yourself, every penny counts.

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Bulk-Buying Saves Money

There are few things that do not provide a cost saving when buying in bulk, and having somewhere to store food items allows you to take advantage of those savings. Aside from the money saved, buying in bulk also means that you are less likely to run out of a particular ingredient or dish during a busy day.

Less Wastage

Being able to freeze food saves commercial catering businesses money but also huge amounts of waste, too. It gives you that flexibility to keep food for longer, which is particularly useful on days when business is slower than expected.

Fresh produce does not keep nearly as long as frozen, and the current thinking is that there is no particular health benefit of fresh over frozen, provided that the food is frozen promptly. Do ensure, however, that you have a system for dating food and a clear policy of stock rotation to ensure that food is eaten in the right order.

It also allows you to prepare in advance, improving efficiency.

More Space

A big freezer unit is also efficient for storage space. The depth of the freezer makes the most of the footprint, which is particularly useful in a small kitchen where space is at a premium. Specialist online retailers such as supply commercial fridges and freezers in a range of sizes and designs to help ensure you can find the right one to suit your space and your business.

Of course, there are laws and guidelines relating to commercial refrigeration. The Food Standards Agency outlines some of the specifics relating to storing and preparing foods commercially.

There are more details on HCFCs and current legislation and how it relates to your commercial fridge freezer on the government website.

Now you have started thinking about how a chest freezer might benefit your business, it’s time to start considering where you might put one. Once it’s installed, you’ll quickly wonder how you ever managed without one.