Ideas for Reducing the Operating Cost of Your Membership Organisation

As your organisation grows, so will the cost of running it. That’s not to say you have to front up the money, and there are multiple ways you can save money and reduce your overheads.

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Embracing technology is a great way to reduce costs. The world of technology is ever-changing and many of your organisation’s processes can be carried out by a computer, lowering your expenses considerably. Try and remove all unnecessary paperwork and digitise all your organisation’s book keeping. Cloud computing is also a great way to store more information, run accounts and manage all your systems online. Communications over e-mail are free, so save money on all those stamps by digitising your communication systems. Flexible working hours could improve staff productivity by allowing them to work remotely from home.

Reduce Energy Costs

Energy costs will be one of the biggest outlays your organisation will face. Becoming eco-friendly is a big step towards lowering your outgoings. By fitting energy efficient lightbulbs, turning off idle machines and programming thermostats, you can lower your energy bills and improve your bottom line.


Getting an external company to manage all your admin could lead to a more streamlined business. If your organisation has a number of fee-paying members then membership management systems such as can deal with all your admin needs, leaving you to concentrate on your profits. Outsourcing some operations can lead to happier members and improving and growing your membership numbers.


Do you require materials? Could you save money by importing those materials from abroad? These are the questions you should be asking yourself if you’re serious about saving your organisation money. Buying from suppliers from foreign countries is generally a lot cheaper than buying within the UK.

Re-evaluate Phone Services

Business phone systems can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds per month. If your organisation is not making constant phone calls from a number of lines, then the chances are you are paying too much for your phone system. By reconsidering and shopping around for a new phone service and upgrading or downgrading your minutes, you could be saving your organisation plenty. A less complicated phone system could also save you money in maintenance bills.