How to find a job today: Comprehensive guide for young people looking for a job

Every day thousands of people wake up and, after sipping some coffee, begin your daily search for a job. How to find a job today? It may seem trivial but, very often, the lack of a method determines a blatant waste of time for those who, instead, would really need to earn an income and have sufficient stability.

Unemployment in recent years is the daughter of so many phenomena that probably also go beyond the mere economic crisis, undeniable, that is gripping our country. Many young people are escaping all foreign, often even with qualifications that allowed the previous generation to live more than decent. Those who remain, by contrast, are to compete in an increasingly competitive market and that it suits only to companies: a myriad of profiles are included in the online database, and breeders do not even have time to leaf through the material adequately. This does not include the high percentage of recommended any kind that emerges through lanes. For these reasons, and probably for many others that have not, to know how to seek work is a necessary first step towards achieving its goal. Aim for the top, in our view, is the first and fundamental step to be able to achieve something important: if we start being satisfied, very unlikely you will achieve the desired happiness.

Know yourself before you propose to others

As we wrote in the article dedicated to those who want to invent a job, today’s society has changed dramatically over a few decades ago. Capitalism has emerged as the only religion, overcoming every form of resistance and, above all, annihilating any alternative development model. Alternative does not mean necessarily better, but surely you will agree, when operating as a monopoly and without competition, it is less competitive than necessary and that drives us to improve. We are modern-day slaves, forced to work often multinational or at least for companies that have in hand all the knowledge. Apart from rare exceptions, no school or no degree program provides the appropriate knowledge to carry out immediately a job: what determines a great power to blackmail enjoyed by employers who, with the excuse that they can teach things to those who “cannot do anything”, offering ever lower wages, supported by the latest decisions of the government aimed at gradual reduction of the rights of the new recruits who, following this logic, however, deserve more protection of experienced workers.

How to find a job today Comprehensive guide for young people looking for a jobHow to defend yourself from all this? Before entering the poultry house and make a door with all the young and not so young people seeking employment, very often poorly paid, and who are ready to work without payment, it is good that you know exactly what to look for. For a good research, you have to put the right filters, filters which are given mainly by an analysis of your skills. What are you able to do? Responsive not with the usual replies such as: “But I have a degree in …”, “I’ve studied 10 years” and stuff. It is hard to say but, in all likelihood, if reasoned thus do nothing but increase your frustration. Be realistic, do not get yourself around: a degree today is useless if not accompanied by a wealth of knowledge that the Universities it does not give because it still anchored to outdated models of development. During the studies was faced with a long-winded disquisition on the legal nature of acts. This happened in September 2014, not 50 years ago. It is a sample that shows how futile it is now the setting of our school system. Serious reform will not come for now because he is good to all: the government, which has a more docile population to be controlled; businesses which have cheap labor to be enrolled; to professionals, primarily to the barons who rule the courts of frustrated slaves and are the good and the bad times with the lives of others.

This preamble is, in our view essential to push the realism. Having trashed, for a moment, the titles you have available, a good look in the mirror and answer the question first: what are you able to do? Probably nothing of what companies want, if you are looking for your first job, or a series of things, if you have already had work experience and on this that you need to focus and not on the exhibition of pieces of paper. Also, if you have already entered the labor market, it is not inconceivable that you understand what are the skills needed so that we can aspire to occupations that want to go to play: this is extremely important because you need to work on yourself. We resort again to an example to explain it better. If desirable to work in tourism and know only one foreign language, another study that is required with respect to the vacationers who frequent the area where you intend to operate can be a plus.

Practical advice on how to find a job today: Now let’s work

This long introduction (yes, we are only at the beginning!) Was critical because we needed to make a picture of the situation in which we must move. If you are looking for a post of ten lines that tell you how to change your life, rest assured that you’ll never find. Moreover, if to be honest, even that will revolutionize your life from the moment in which you will leave this blog but, perhaps, serve to shake you and make you gain enough knowledge that you did not have before ending up in this remote corner of the web. The labor market has become global, but we’ll just give practical advice on finding a job: the same rules, however, may be worth a bit ‘all over the world with the necessary distinctions and with the particular dynamics that characterize the various locations and change, sometimes significantly.

Every profession has a market to itself: there are many occupations that are not found on normal portals and, perhaps, are to be covered by word of mouth. In very general, we proposed some time ago a post that indicates the main sites where to look for and find work. In addition to everything, we have to list a number of other things you can do to achieve the goals set.

  • Never beg for a job: Often, both on the portals that in Facebook groups dedicated to finding a job read the post (even ungrammatical) of people desperately asking to work. Stuff like “help me because I have a family,” “I’m young and I want to do”, and so on. Given that it is often of desperate cases and that if in some way you can help me maybe go ahead, we cannot say that this is the worst possible approach. Would you hire a person who will never give alms to work? Consider that a business owner who has a business to the public daily receives unsolicited applications of qualified workers sometimes but you cannot take, unlikely to give an opportunity to those who spends as the only skill that of despair. Indeed, this can be a double-edged Putting the case that functions to find a job, in fact, it is not inconceivable that the counterparty may be a jackal ready to exploit you with starvation wages and impossible schedules. You know your weakness: you need to work and know that your comfort level is higher than the other.
  • Work on your online profile: Especially those looking for a qualified job, cannot treat this aspect. Various statistics show that by now most breeders tend to look on Google and Facebook on the candidate’s name to get an idea. If you use Facebook to give vent to your visceral passions, for example, have the firmness not to make public the post and limit them to friends. Eye on the comments you make in the forums and blogs that you write with your real name without using a nick. If you create a LinkedIn profile, update it frequently and, above all, do it professionally with pictures and list of skills. What would you think of a person who makes public a botched curriculum? Probably this can already be a symptom of superficiality. Always remember that those who select the currency in a short time and that all, in curricula standards that send, tend to emphasize themselves (another mistake, this, that will not take you far).
  • Put more stress on your skills: Although this reasoning is basically for those seeking a qualified profession: “skilled” we mean not only work to the office or desk, even a waiter or a pastry chef is skilled jobs. Enough with the distinction between manual and intellectual work: everything that has a professional, years of study and sacrifice, deserves to be highlighted. Same thing for the letters: rather than putting rocks a standard friend who can write well or copy from a printed web, you write it. Even if you are not good, try to tell yourself : who you are, the books you read, the work you have done and the real value (this should be emphasized especially in the first part) that company that takes you. Only after writing all this, maybe, you do it in the correct form. The content must be yours; no one knows better than you what you are!

Ever thought about starting a blog? Always put yourself in the shoes of a breeder before you have two graduates who aspire to work in the pharmacy, both got a nice 110 and praise. One of the two has the classical curriculum and the usual letter, the other one is saying this: “I run a blog where to do small medical advice, it reviews the main drugs on the market, and writes about natural remedies.” If you were the interviewer, who would hire? The blog, by the way, can be an opportunity to create other sources of income.

These are just some of the key practical advice that we feel to give to young people who are seeking a job. After creating a curriculum it did well (must be done anyway because they ask all) and once you have written a letter of introduction slap, following the directions given above, you have a good basis of “material” to be used. In addition to responding to ads, visit the sites of the main companies in which you feel to be working. Most have a section “work with us” in which to place unsolicited applications. Very often, in the moment of which depart from the assumptions, the first profiles to be assessed are those present in the database and is preferable to pinning sites in which this takes place and periodically switch to update your profile.


In this long article, we have tried to summarize years of experience, hours of readings and full days of work on the blog to address all round a subject of great interest. As written in the course of the post, we do not think that the reading could change your life nor do we believe that you will have results in the near future. We want, instead, leaving to a method and an awareness of what is the difficult world we are going to confront. The rest you have to do it: it is useless to get away from everything and take refuge in facile promises (made by others) or in useless hopes. The turning point in your life you can only give you, you come of age to decide: to know how to decide is a difficult exercise but, if done rationally, can be an ideal springboard for the future that awaits you.