How to buy a web domain to sell and earn online

This article is dedicated to all those who have heard of the domain market and want to invest money to earn money online. What to say how to buy a web domain, in fact, focusing on how to proceed, we will try to explain a way to make money on the internet in full legality.

Registering a domain is very simple: buy online today is in many normal and is the same also as regards this area. Some might turn up your noses but, reading, will understand that this is an activity that can be useful both for investing your savings and get the gains that, in fact, to create a real business on the web generates an income capable of rounding the salary or even to become the main activity of who does it.

How to buy a web domain to sell and earn onlineBecause a domain can have a high price

Who is not very practical internet you must know that the domain is the address of a site? To simplify, we can say that the domain is a “home” that can host a blog, a forum, a journal or whatever. It is very important because early on is an idea, a product, something that can become brand or mnemonic that can simplify the process of those who visit a page and then want to come back to read more content or buy something. For technical aspects which are not explained in detail, it is often cheaper for a company or a publishing portal to own a domain name that is in any way indicative of the product or service you want to offer. If you sell electric razors, it would be good to have a domain of www. razor electric type Com, net, org, and so on. As you can easily guess, only one person can register a domain determined so when you open a new website you must choose from the beginning. Those who have purchased a domain name are usually the owner for a year and then must repay the service provider for own: this, however, does not prevent him from selling it as a normal good is exchanged on the market.

In the time of writing, most of the more “simple” domains have already been registered and in many cases have developed from brand to generic word. In the early stages of the internet they are often came to the honors of the chronicle of stories trades worth millions of domains that, for various reasons, also assumed a value of millions of Dollars: know how to anticipate a trend has become for many a crazy luck that brought high investors level to spend so much money to acquire the domain. It is, in truth, the high-profile cases that often amount to a win the lottery or, in most cases, are now impossible due to saturation of the recordings and the substantial employment of the most basic intentions. In this guide, therefore, we understand how to buy a web domain today to earn money online and increase our income or to invest cash.

Buy and Sell domains: what to do?

Please note that the sale of domains, although in our opinion can be a mode of investment of savings, it has a high risk that makes it not accessible to all. To participate in this “market” as any other financial or hard assets, the skills are needed such as to understand how to invest its cash. The more you know the web, the better the chance to make money and get returns even sensational: making money is not unlikely. You clear that, however, if you look at this in perspective entrepreneurial perspective, you have to be aware of the risks associated with failure. In the latter case, however, if you come to think of buying and selling domains to earn money online, you are probably already one step ahead and you do not need too many introductions.

Where once the domain name itself had a base value to the idea that he could convey, today there are other parameters to be assessed. Register a free domain is simple and relatively cheap (at most you will spend 15 Dollars) just connect on the site of a register and ask, using the appropriate form, if it is free at the desired address. More complicated, however, it is to find old abandoned domains that are for sale, the registration of which has not been continued or that are auctioned. Then we analyze these three perspectives: First, though, it is good to clarify why a domain name can be worth as much as realizing it and what to do with the domain once you have bought it.

Here are some tips for evaluating which domains to buy. We list them briefly why we speak of money and in general investments: the web is full of specific guides which explain how to use the mentioned tools.

  • A number of monthly searches: using a tool called Google Keyword Planner you can see every word (key) how many searches on average does each month. This is extremely important because it allows us to understand a topic or a product of how many people actually interested: the greater the number of users who type one or more words, the greater the appeal of the domain;
  • Potential investors present in advertising: Always through the tool shown above, you can see under “recommended bid” how high the figure in Dollars. Basically, you are accessing the “shop” Google Adsense advertising: every advertisement you see on the web and that is part of the circuit takes place daily auction among investors. The manager suggests a figure to aim for the space: we need in this area only understand if the numbers are high or not (ranging from a few dollar cents up to tens of dollar per click), as well as to reflect on the chances are a few decide to buy our domain to make money with a blog or some other publishing product;
  • Domain authority: Using tools like Moz Pro, SEMRush or Ahrefs (they are all paid programs used by professionals) you can see the length of the domain (that is, how many years has been recorded) and got backlinks (i.e. links hyperlinks from other authoritative sites) that allow you to understand if it is a value domain or not. It ‘possible that today is free some addresses which once hosted a blog or a forum and received links from highly authoritative portals: typically about these breaks loose auction because there are publishers interested in buying them for creating website or to carry out other activities in the SEO field that, as controversial and complex to explain to “lay” in the industry, enliven substantial economic resources.

I decided to buy a domain: what do I do?

In case you were lucky, you got a free domain that already has a very interesting background or that has not been registered yet. Consider that many extensions available make it even sometimes all this possible: you only need to register the domain on your favorite portal (usually the one that charges less) and you’re done.

Alternatively, then, you can buy the domain from private : there are many individuals who register a web address and then sell at a higher price, based on reasoning similar to the one that governs our initiative.

Another possibility, finally, is to participate in the auctions of domains. There are sites that specialize in the acquisition of old addresses that act essentially as intermediaries: they advertise a daily basis what they offer and, in the event that arises more interested, sell at auction the domain. And ‘common for seemingly innocuous domains are paid hundreds if not thousands of dollar.

In any case, the purpose of our argument, once you have purchased the domain you have to decide what to do. The streets are basically these:

  • Create a domain portfolio for sale too long to other potential buyers, just as we explained earlier. In this case, you try to have a small margin that rewards the investment. And ‘the road less expensive in terms of energy but probably less profitable albeit relatively little risk. To sell, there are specialized forums that allow you to meet other users;
  • Make money with a blog or an online store: If the domain that you have acquired meets a particular need that could raise an interesting traffic and, perhaps, also authoritative back links that could give it a “significant initial boost”, you can expect to perform one of these activities. We have often explained as a move in the dedicated section to gain online: here we just say that this is a more challenging road and within the reach of the web entrepreneurs have already experienced;
  • Create a PBN (private blog network): The SEO and bloggers probably know what it is, the layman difficult they can sense the potential. To better explain this road, we suggest you read the article by SEO Garden where Francesco Margherita analyzes the phenomenon well. We are only interested to know that, although it is a questionable practice, a PBN can be a valuable support for your projects, or a source of income if you are engaged in selling links, a practice which violates Google policy and it is strongly discouraged if you do not have very deep knowledge. There are many business owners who buy domains to even higher figures just to sell links and briefly recover the investment, thus obtaining profit: being, however, the most advanced stage of the practices to be deployed, it is important to remember that the time to devote it grows exponentially because the competition is fierce and prepared.

Conclusions: Should buy a web domain to gain?

We saw a perspective of both savings that definitely a tempting business, able to produce very high margins if you are able to operate properly. It falls a bit ‘our style to present such practices that go against the seemingly over traditional channels to invest analyzed daily. If you know the web enough or you want to study and try, maybe wrong many times initially, buy a web domain and then sell or to earn money in ways that we have seen can be really an interesting perspective. If we reason from investors, it is good to know that there are no banks or various intermediaries and that therefore the risks are only connected to your act: the gains, in contrast, are only yours, in case of successful outcome, and there will be no one to pay with withdrawals on earnings as occurred under normal financial instruments. If you want to “dive” in this field, therefore, you should read and study for weeks, acquire at least the basic knowledge to be able to access on a daily trodden by characters often unscrupulous or which, however, they know your stuff. Moreover, in that context, it is not so?

Your opinion, on the sidelines of such a long speech, is something pleasing and definitely contributes to enriching the debate: the box at the bottom is dedicated to comments on hand to widen the views of the discussion.